The iron beauty mask

What a great facial to do at home and get amazing professional level results!

This multi-step treatment consists of a cream mask, a magnet and a demagnetizing lotion.

Their combined, synergistic action creates effective cleansing of the epidermis (both on the surface and deep down) and provides immediate skin conditioning and lifting thanks to the magnetic stimulation.


It stimulates micro-circulation and oxygenation of even the deepest layers of the skin, replenishing it back with essential nutrients so that hydration levels are revived back to an optimum state. It firms, eliminates impurities, provides a physiological and functional re-balancing of the skin, resulting in a bright, silky, toned, compact and elastic complexion. In this video I guide you step by step on how to perform this treatment at home to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

This mask is made of natural materials.

Made in Italy by Dermophisiologique .

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