How often should I get a facial

A lot of benefits take place during a facial. ⁠

Regular facials help you identify and address any skin issues before they become a more serious problem helping to maintain healthy skin.

However, 2 or 3 facials a year is simply not enough. Pores need to be deeply cleaned, toxins gotta be drained, cells need stimulation, dead skin cells got to be exfoliated and the skin is always craving for good nourishing nutrients. ⁠

Think of a facial as a way to PREVENT, CORRECT & REJUVENATE the skin. A good skincare routine can do wonders but when it is combined with regular facials, it takes the skin to a whole new level. ⁠

So, how often should you get a facial?

It depends on many factors: skin condition, skin concerns and skin goals. People that suffer from conditions such as acne initially will need facials more regularly to get the condition under control, once the acne has improved, the facials may be spaced further apart.

For someone who wants to maintain and anti-aging program, it is crucial to get facials monthly spaced out 4, maximum 6 weeks apart.

With age the skin processes slow down and facial treatments with non-invasive technology can boost cellular energy to support the skin to perform more youthfully.

On the other hand, people that have sensitive skin or is going through a phase of hypersensitivity, should have facials less often, especially the type of facials that are too stimulating.

Facials that are calming and soothing are a better option for this skin conditions and short sessions with technologies like LED light therapy can be done more regularly to improve redness and inflammation.

It is recommended to look for the guidance of a professional to evaluate your skin and determine how often you should receive treatments based on your individual analysis.

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