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The iron beauty mask

IRON BEAUTY MASK FACIAL What a great facial to do at home and get amazing professional level results! This multi-step treatment consists of a cream mask, a magnet and a demagnetizing lotion. Their combined, synergistic action creates effective cleansing of the epidermis (both

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The essential Guasha massage


The Gua Sha tool has been around for a long time and it’s still here because “it works.” I helps to lift, tone and sculpt facial muscles. improves elasticity, drains toxins and increases blood flow creating a natural, healthy, radiant

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How often should I get a facial


A lot of benefits take place during a facial. ⁠ Regular facials help you identify and address any skin issues before they become a more serious problem helping to maintain healthy skin. However, 2 or 3 facials a year is

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night time routine

NIGHT TIME SKIN ROUTINE STEPS AND TIPS At night time the skin goes into repairing mode; therefore using ingredients that support cell renewal will support the skin into repairing better and stimulate it to produce collagen. In this video I discuss the benefits of each of

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Morning skincare routine steps and tips

MORNING SKIN ROUTINE STEPS AND TIPS A good morning routine should give your skin all the elements that it needs to stay protected and reduce future sun damage. In this video I guide you step by step and discuss the products and benefits of each

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