Feeling good with yourself goes far beyond than just skin deep. It means loving who you are, inside and out. It is a state of wellbeing.

At Face Moves we believe in the beauty-wellness connection.

It is a destination for self-care and wellness where you can find unique products selected with love and expertise to bring beauty and healing benefits to your daily self-care rituals.

Our products and services have been carefully evaluated by Skin Care and Wellness professionals based on ingredients, safety and performance.

We celebrate every age and ethnicity, and believe in the beauty of creating confidence and feeling amazing in your own skin.

Founder Note

My passion for skin care emerged from my own skin struggles, having suffered from eczema and very sensitive skin from an early age.

The challenge of such skin conditions awakened my curiosity to study the skin at a deeper level and I became a Skin care professional. Through that journey I found relief for my eczema.

It impacted me in such a way that I clearly felt the higher purpose of helping others achieve real, visible changes in their skin.

After 22 years working as an Aesthetician, I can tell you that my passion is even stronger today.

I created Face Moves INC. because there is a need for better and more ethical selection of beauty products and education. The market is flooded with poorly regulated products, misinformation, false claims and harmful chemicals that can affect our health.

My commitment is with you, to bring you effective solutions and carefully selected products along with educative content that can have a positive impact in your skin, your life and your wellbeing.